Sunday, 22 July 2012

soalan kuiz kimi-'A'! 2 PDT III KMS-hehdi

Answer All

     1)  Arrange in order strength oxidizing  agent
          Br2, Li+, H+, I2                                            E0 please refer SRP table

      2) Arrange in order strength reducing  agent
          Ag, Co, Cu, Zn                                            E0 please refer SRP table

    3) A galvanic cell consist of a lead anode immersed in a 0.20M solution  
        Pb(NO3)2 and a platinum cathode that has gaseous hydrogen bubbling 
        over it at a pressure of 1 atm. [H+]=0.1 M
          [E0 Pb2+ = -0.13V E0 H+ = 0.00V]

          Calculate  Ecell

    4) A galvanic cell consist of a silver  cathode immersed in a 0.15M 
        solution AgNO3 and a platinum anode that has gaseous hydrogen 
        bubbling over it at a pressure of 1 atm. [H+]=0.02 M
          [E0 Ag+ = +0.80V E0 H+ = 0.00V]

          Calculate  Ecell

     5) A current 7.5A pass through a Al2O3 (l) for 2 hours. Determine mass Cu 
         deposited at cathode

     6) A current 4.75A pass through a CuSO4 (aq) for 1 hours. Determine mass 
         Al deposited at cathode

         Answers please refer from your tutorial lecturers!!!! :)

         Hepi fasting!

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