Tuesday, 1 October 2013


"The Islamic Principles of Permissibility and Prohibition"

1-Halal and Haram are determined by Allah alone
2-Natural usability and permissibility of things
3-Rules of Halal and Haram are for all human beings

4-Halal is good and Haram is foul
5-The distinction of Halal and Haram is for human ease, goodness, guidance and mercy
6-Anything that leads to Haram is Haram
7-Prohibition the Halal and permitting the Haram is major sin
8-Misrepresentation of Haram is also Haram
9-Means and ends should be Halal
10-Doubtful things are to be avoided
11-Exceptional permissible of Haram on the basis of necessity

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